Dan Wynne

Theatre Director

Contact: danwynne.dw@gmail.com

Daniel Wynne is a provocative director who takes delight in the improvisation method of building character, discovering movement, and creating pictorial blocking to tell the story intended by the playwright. An “out-of-the-box thinker” and desire to work with others the same way, his long term vision is to have an all African-American Theatre company of performers producing classics such as Ibsen, Moliere, and Shakespeare; while, teaching a new audience about the classic within the Black community, such as James Baldwin, Loften Mitchell, and Lonnie Elder III. These classics will include the experience of being African-American (being American first). Daniel is a “creative, organic and structured disciplinary” (all mixed in one person) when it comes to blocking. He believes it is important to work with a team and promote creative freedom. The idea that production is a team sport and competition, he uses a lot of football metaphors for directing methods and establishing results.

It is important for Daniel to work with new material that will create inclusion and acceptance of religion, race, or any discriminatory practices in our society. It is also his desire is to work on pieces that provide social awareness to a wider audience through Theatre. He believes Theatre should be thought-provoking, educational and entertaining. In 2015, he will be directing PEACEMAKER at GALLERY CA. For more information on PEACEMAKER, please visit galleryca.org/peacemaker.

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Photo by Robert White Photography, NYC

Photo by Robert White Photography, NYC